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Re: Missing Dependency

On 10/14/2009 03:57 AM, 李晓 wrote:
Rencently,I changed the IP of my koji and regen-repo,but it shows missing
dependency.The root.log as follows,

By default, repo regens use the --update option against the last active repo. Because of this, old entries will persist. This is normally a helpful optimization, but when those old entries reference a now-changed url, it can be a problem.

The fix is to expire the active repo. This will force a full rebuild of the repo (no --update).

If you only have a few active repos, you can expire them on the command line like:
% koji call repoExpire <repo-id>
(the koji taginfo command will report the repo id of the active repo for the tag)

If you have a lot of active repos (i.e. lots of different build targets), then the easiest way to expire them all is in the db. For example:
=> update repo set state = 2 where state in (0, 1);

Once you've expired the repos, kojira should trigger the regenerations.

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