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Re: Missing Dependency

On 10/15/2009 10:53 PM, xiao li wrote:
Frist,thanks for your help.
I have expired all the repos before I submitted the problem.As you said,I
have executed the instruction to expire all the repos in the db.But the
problem existed all the same.Do you have another solutions? Thanks for your

Please keep these discussions on the list.

Your original email doesn't really indicate much other than missing dependencies. There are numerous possibilities.

Can provide some details about the problem? What does your tag/target setup look like?

Just to clarify -- Did you mean to say that your setup was working fine until you changed the ip address of a host? If so...
 - are you sure that was the only change?
 - was it only the ip address, or did the hostname change also?
 - which machine(s) changed address and what was running on them?
- do your pkgurl and topurl settings in kojid.conf still reference an appropriate address?

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