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Crontab configuration tool


I have developed a tool for configuring crontab using Python and PyGtk.
It is located at: http://gaute.eu.org/stasj/cronconf

It works by reading 'crontab -l' into a file and parse it. And then
write a new crontab config file and install it with 'crontab <file>'
This should make it work on different crontab versions, haven't tested

You may choose to just save the config file without installing it so
that you can install it on another computer.

The add crontab dialoge got a simple time expression builder, mainly to
make the expression and combine them if necessary.

If you run as root you can choose to edit other users crontabs, and your
own since the USER environment variable doesn't update on some terminals
when you su. The first argument is then the user.

I plan to make it able to configure 'at' as well. But haven't started
anything there yet.

I'd be happy to hear any comments.

Gaute Hope

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