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rpms/rsync/devel rsync.spec,1.37,1.38

Author: fenlason

Update of /cvs/dist/rpms/rsync/devel
In directory cvs.devel.redhat.com:/tmp/cvs-serv852

Modified Files:
Log Message:
More BuildRequires

Index: rsync.spec
RCS file: /cvs/dist/rpms/rsync/devel/rsync.spec,v
retrieving revision 1.37
retrieving revision 1.38
diff -u -r1.37 -r1.38
--- rsync.spec	10 Jun 2006 03:17:06 -0000	1.37
+++ rsync.spec	12 Jun 2006 17:18:32 -0000	1.38
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
 Source:	ftp://rsync.samba.org/pub/rsync/rsync-%{version}.tar.gz
 Source1: rsync.xinetd
 Patch1: rsync-2.6.8-xattrs_bug.patch
-BuildRequires: libacl-devel, libattr-devel
+BuildRequires: libacl-devel, libattr-devel, autoconf, make, gcc
 Prefix: %{_prefix}
 BuildRoot: /var/tmp/%{name}-root
 License: GPL
@@ -62,6 +62,7 @@
 - Add my xattrs_bug patch to fix a bug where xattrs don't get sent correctly.
 - Add BuildRequires to make sure libattr-devel and libacl-devel are avaliable
 - replace --with... with --enable... so they actually work
+- Add make, autoconf and gcc to BuildRequires
 * Mon May 8 2006 Jay Fenlason <fenlason redhat com> 2.6.8-2
 - New upstream release

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