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Re: replacing XMMS

On Wed, 2004-04-21 at 13:48 -0400, Colin Walters wrote:

> So our situation with music players is a little bad.  Right now in the
> menu we have "Music Player" and "Audio Player".  The first is Rhythmbox,
> the second is XMMS.  A user new to Fedora is going to be baffled by this
> - it's like having two clocks.
> Ideally we would only have one music player.  I'm hoping to get
> Rhythmbox in good enough shape for FC3 that it can replace XMMS for most
> use cases.
> What I'm curious of is comments by people who still use XMMS, and why. 
> What are the most important things to you that need to be fixed in
> Rhythmbox?

Replacing is uninspired. Maybe move-it to more submenu and give it's
name. Besides the lower resource consumption, one other argument is that
it is soo similar to winamp2.x and 5.x for that matter. Wonderful
plugins, support for themes and some other stuff. IMHO we should not
replace an audio player with a jukebox software. We should have them
both. Of course, Rhythmbox can be default.

Also, totem is missing. This is a huge down-side. It should be in
fedora, some gstreamer-plugins or xine back-end can be in livna provided
that some message-box advises the user of what they should do to get

If you want to drop xmms, IMHO, you should put Beep-Media-Player in it's

Rhythmbox is also lacking some important stuff right now. It's usable,
but it has no core/interface separation (for themability as most desktop
users just love that eye-candy), no groovy plugins (equalizer,
visualization, dsp, external-control) or at least plugins support.

As a note: Why do people use winamp, when they have windows media player
which does just that and more? Because the aproaches are different.

P.S. Having an alternative is not bad. Beep-Media-Player look groovy.

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