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desktop discussion


I've closed our internal desktop discussion list for new posts.

Here are the topics we've discussed recently that should have been

 1. Java/Mono - I moved this discussion to fairly public places ;-)
    Best to keep it off this list.

 2. Hardware autoconfiguration.
    General goal is to autoconfigure hardware without user 
    intervention or writing to /etc. This is the hal/dbus/
    Project Utopia stuff. http://ometer.com/hardware.html

 3. Deployment scenarios that avoid per-machine state, including
    read-only root fs copied from a central image, thin clients, 
    and so forth. There was a discussion of this on fedora-devel.
    We don't have very detailed ideas yet.

 4. Media players, Colin just posted on this.

 5. Details of rearranging menus

 6. Daniel Veillard is hacking on a per-user daemon to replace
    the FAM system daemon, primarily motivated by SELinux
    (FAM system daemon lets you violate the security boundaries)

 7. The gconf multiple login question, which everyone is already 
    familiar with sadly... Mark was having a look.

Our OS desktop discussion is less than you might think, since most
topics fall into an upstream project such as GNOME. If you're interested
in the Fedora desktop I'd definitely recommend watching the
project-specific forums as well.

Hope this is helpful. Feel free to ask about specific development


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