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Re: replacing XMMS

Colin Walters wrote:
So our situation with music players is a little bad.  Right now in the
menu we have "Music Player" and "Audio Player".  The first is Rhythmbox,
the second is XMMS.  A user new to Fedora is going to be baffled by this
- it's like having two clocks.

Ideally we would only have one music player.  I'm hoping to get
Rhythmbox in good enough shape for FC3 that it can replace XMMS for most
use cases.

What I'm curious of is comments by people who still use XMMS, and why. What are the most important things to you that need to be fixed in

It takes up way too much space. I tend to use xmms and noatun as they are usable while shaded. That way I can have it always on top, and on every desktop without getting in the way. Rythmbox is not only completely useless shaded, but larger. Also I don't see an easy way to increase buffering to prevent skips.

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