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Re: desktop discussion

On Wed, 2004-04-21 at 21:11, Matt Hansen wrote:
> Well, is it supposed to notice new files downloaded to a directory? For
> example, if I d/l files to a directory, and have an open nautilus window
> in that dir, I have to manually "reload" the window before the new file
> shows, no matter if sgi_fam is on or not.

That should work, it's always worked for me. Could be hosed by selinux
or something perhaps.

> Ok, I have to ask, what's the status for GNOME menu editing? What state
> will it be in for FC2 and which release do you foresee full
> functionality for this?

In FC2 the menus will use the documented freedesktop.org specification
which is reasonable to edit with a text editor if you're an admin
setting up a default user session.

For the users themselves, longer term one line of thought is to just
have a way to enable/disable menu items, and perhaps Favorites, I guess.
But maybe Dan will get the nautilus editing to work, or GNOME upstream
will do something else.


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