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Re: replacing XMMS

Le mer 21/04/2004 à 19:48, Colin Walters a écrit :
> So our situation with music players is a little bad.  Right now in the
> menu we have "Music Player" and "Audio Player".  The first is Rhythmbox,
> the second is XMMS.  A user new to Fedora is going to be baffled by this
> - it's like having two clocks.

What is wrong with two clocks? 

> Ideally we would only have one music player.  I'm hoping to get
> Rhythmbox in good enough shape for FC3 that it can replace XMMS for most
> use cases.

Good luck...

> What I'm curious of is comments by people who still use XMMS, and why. 
> What are the most important things to you that need to be fixed in
> Rhythmbox?

Because it plays music! Rhythmbox can't find the Mad plugin so it is
kind of quiet on my machine... In fact it is "yum remove rhythmbox"!

When I need a juke box I use iTunes on the G3 under my desk.


Tony Grant

www.tgds.net Library management software toolkit

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