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Re: replacing XMMS

> What I'm curious of is comments by people who still
use XMMS, and why. 
> What are the most important things to you that need
to be fixed in
> Rhythmbox?

Well, I think Rhythmbox is good enough.
I just think it is too complicated for me.
I never felt eager enough to manage all these
and libraries.

With xmms I can just type "xmms
Artist_Directory/Some_Album_Directory" to play the
album or "xmms some_song.mp3" to play the song (or
"xmms *.mp3" to play all the songs in the directory). 
Rhythmbox cannot do things like that, can it?

Actually, I never create playlists, nor I use Juke
Boxes. I just don't need them, because I store music
arranged in directories. 

More generally, I am not comfortable with the idea 
of removing popular Linux applications from the Fedora


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