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Re: new fedora logos, wallpapers, access to resources, Now with a lnk to some artwork


is really nice one, but let's not forget about people who have 2 monitors in xinerama mode :)

Bart Kalita wrote:


thats the link to my wallpapers:


U can d/l them and use them as U like.

Not all backgrounds are mine and some wallpapers are in low resolutions.

Please treat them as teasers rather than finished products.

I'll try to see If I can mimic fedora logo and "3" in Ilustrator or
Photoshop if I come up with something interesting I'll post the results

As to the law side of it if somebody knows something for sure please let
me know for now I'm taking my chances :-)

On the side note I personally think that FC team is shooting itself in a
foot here just look at KDE-Look org and see how many other Distro
specific wallpapers are there! and no one can dispute the advertising
power of a good screenshot with a cool wallpaper! :-)

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