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Re: proposal to remove the "Start Here" icon

Brent Fox wrote:

I propose that we remove the "Start Here" icon from the default desktop
for the following reasons:

- It presents the same choices that the Main Menu does, just in a
different way. This is potentially confusing and inconsistent. The
Menu is a much faster way to launch apps anyway.

But it's nice to have one window with all of the "panels" available for double clicking on. It's a pain to have to go through the menu to get to each pref panel especially on low resolution.

- The name "Start Here" implies that there it will take you to a set of
steps to set up your desktop, but it doesn't do that.

But it does. It gives you the preferences and system settings in a window, which some people prefer to the menus.

- It's basically useless. :)

Allowing another way to get the same window should still be there though.

I think a case could be made for a first-run desktop tutorial kind of
thing, but "Start Here" as it currently exists is not it. I propose
that we remove this icon for FC3test2 and see if anybody complains.

Maybe "start here" should be renamed to "Control Panel" or something.

While it isn't a step through introduction to the system, it does provide an alternate view in the "spacial" way.

You're not taking away the "start-here:///" target in nautilus are you?


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