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Re: proposal to remove the "Start Here" icon

On Sat, 2004-07-17 at 18:10, K. Spearel wrote:
> Why does it seem that developers/people in charge are so eager to remove
> things from the desktop?

The problem with the desktop is that it's covered up most of the time,
and when not covered up is packed with zillions of documents and other

The panel is a lot better for controls.

>  Does anyone agree that perhaps the
> reason for the lack of acceptance of the Linux desktop is what I see as
> a bias on the part of "those in charge" away from using truly graphical
> methods and a reliance on the keyboard to do the heavy lifting?

I don't really agree, since you could summarize almost all the work we
do here as eliminating various reasons you currently have to use the
command line.

>  Shouldn't the desktop be easily configurable as the
> ultimate "Favorites Menu"?

It is, btw - try dragging any applications menu item or panel launcher
icon to the desktop.


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