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Re: memory profiling

Havoc Pennington wrote:

How hard would it be to assign sub-application-granularity "blame" for
all the memory used by a full desktop (GNOME+Evolution+Mozilla+OO.org)?

Something like:

5M sum of per-app icon theme caching
5M sum of per-app base gtk_init() overhead
10M sum of per-email data in Evolution 7M base evo overhead with no mail loaded
30M sum of all executable pages (libraries and binaries)

i.e. try to get an idea of where focused optimization could have the
most impact on the desktop overall - what percentage of TOTAL memory
usage for the whole desktop can be blamed on each optimizable item, with
sufficient granularity to be useful.


You could use "pmap pid" to get a coarse view of memory used by libraries and per process basis, but this doesn't handle which functions allocated the space. You could combine the data from pmap of different applications to get an overall view of space usage.

I have noticed that the "-x" option doe not seem to be working on version of pmap that FC2 uses, so it doesn't provide RSS, Anon, or Locked information.


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