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replaying mouse and keyboard input for benchmarks

Someone mentioned Gtk+ Event Recorder (gerd), http://www.gtk.org/~timj/gerd/, as means of recording keyboard and mouse input into a desktop application, so the benchmarks are run under the same conditions. Has anyone else looked at gerd recently? Anyone know of a version that will work on FC2?

I have played around with it a little and got it to work on RHL9 and RHEL3, but it has problems on FC2. On FC 2 the version of gtk is newer that what gerd can use.

I was able to record and replay events for gimp with gerd. gerd uses a LD_PRELOAD to force a wrapper library to be loaded and record events. Programs like ooffice and mozilla which use a shell script to start up the program don't get events recorded. I also noticed that gerd also records the delays of moving the mouse. For benchmarks it would be desirable to have things selected as quickly as possible rather than at the rate the user selects them.

Another suggestion is to make use of the accessiblity layer to allow a benchmarking program to know when a menu is available. Is there an ordering of between screen and accessibility layer events? Screeen is always updated before information is sent to accessibility layer? Information always sent to accessibility layer before screen update? Or a race coding and no ordering is guaranteed. For the benchmarking it is rather important to know what order they occur. If the information is sent to the accessibility layer before the screen update, then the work for the screen update will not be counted.


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