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Re: terminal services prototype


On Fri, 2004-06-04 at 14:55, Thomas J. Baker wrote:

> > 
> >   + You don't want install these packages on a machine which you need to
> >     stay working. We're making no stability/security guarantees 
> >     whatsoever yet.

	You did see this, right ? :)

> Could you yummify your archive so we can just point at it and get
> updates whenever you make them? (I realize this will probably hit
> rawhide at some point but I'm taking a breather from rawhide for a while
> between betas!) 

	I look into it ..

> Slightly OT:
> Do you plan to add vino? 

	Yes, but I haven't decided when yet. I'm planning on changing Vino
quite substantially to work under this model (i.e. you connect to Vino
through GDM), I don't know when I'll get to that yet and I'm not sure if
I should go and add Vino until that work is done.

> I've got it all built (it seems to work) but
> I'm not sure the rpms are complete. (I had to add vino-session as a
> startup item.) 

	Yeah, there's a patch in the tarball which we'd add to gnome-session
rather than having people use vino-session.

> And along the lines of a bug report, everytime a coworker
> runs nessus against my system, vino-server goes off the deep end eating
> 100% of one CPU.

	vino-server does some intense polling of the screen to keep its copy of
the framebuffer up to date. As soon as the DAMAGE extension is in our
Xserver, we'll be using that and this problem will go away.


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