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Re: [Fwd: Re: Gnome Icons, Gnome/KDE Menus need improvement]

On Wed, 16 Jun 2004 15:08:10 -0400, Seth Nickell <snickell redhat com> wrote:
> "Web Browser" is the *real name* of the item to Abby, not Epiphany.
> Calling it "Epiphany Web Browser" all of the sudden because I installed
> "Firefox Web Browser" is going to be weird, and it doesn't really help
> anything. "Epiphany" is just as foreign to Abby as "SimpleMath
> Calculator" is to us.
I'm confused about the assumptions being made in this use case:

1)Is Abby installing Firefox or are you installing Firefox for Abby?

2)Do we expect Abby to install any extra applications with overlapping

2a)How is Abby suppose to know how to install overlap functionality
without understanding the difference between choices at the brand name

2b)Once Abby is aware of the brandname choices and is informed enough
to make a choice for overlap applications to install, does it really
mean that adding the brandname back into the menu entry for the
default application for that functionality mean more confusion? Once a
user is aware of brandname choice...brandname becomes a distiquishing

2c)Do we expect Abby to have access to someone like you to install the
overlapping applications?


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