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Re: [Fwd: Re: Gnome Icons, Gnome/KDE Menus need improvement]

On 2004-06-16T15:08-0400, Seth Nickell wrote:
) "Web Browser" is the *real name* of the item to Abby, not Epiphany.
) Calling it "Epiphany Web Browser" all of the sudden because I installed
) "Firefox Web Browser" is going to be weird, and it doesn't really help
) anything. "Epiphany" is just as foreign to Abby as "SimpleMath
) Calculator" is to us.

When I think about refrigerators, I do not think of brands. "Refrigerator"
is label enough for me.

When I think about cars, the make and style can be very important to me.
Different makers and models can have very different features, presentation,

The differences from one calculator (or refrigerator) to another are usually
not enough to warrant distinguishment. Cars (and possibly web browsers), on
the other hand, might warrant some kind of differentiation in a selector.

Car rental agencies usually do not present a choice in makes and specific
models, but allow you to choose style (sub compact, full size, van, etc.).
What differentiates the various web browsers we support? Can we use that
information in the menu?

Daniel Reed <n ml org>	http://people.redhat.com/djr/	Desktop and Cygwin

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