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Re: Locking down Fedora Core 2 desktop


1. User friendly;


2. Browsing the Internet;

firefox 0.9+flash plugin, disable xpiinstall, remove nullplugin

3. Sending / receiving mails (from web browser ... so same as first);


4. Multi lingual;

check all languages at install

5. Open-Office (it should be allowed for a guest to write a short document
and to print it);


6. Copying files from memory cards (e.g. Compact-Flash) to CD (CD burner).

mkdir /mnt/flash
and add entry to /etc/fstab

7. Remote locking (or at least loging off) of local loged user desktop.

hmm.... never tried to do that, but I think it's possible

3. Is there any easy way or a compressible (easy) doc file how to
costumize GNOME menses and desktop? I want to leave only few icons in
the menu / desktop?
Can I make this settings writable only by root (read only for user) so
that after logout / login the predefined settings will be loaded?

painful, but possible. gnome docs contain very little of it, but you should read gnome sysadmin's guide

4. Is it posible to prevent a user from running not allowed applications?
I want to avoid changing 'x' bit of N binaries. I would like to costumize
a file browser to allow only browsing memory cards and copy the content
to CDs ... I also want to disallow creating shortcuts on the desktop (so
that the user will not be able to run e.g. xterm). How can I do this?

don't allow them run from root. everything else can be achieved setting correct permissions on Desktop directory

5. Which 'easy to use' program should I use for burning CDs?

Default nautilus CD burner

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