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Re: FC3 annoyances (blanking and blanking)

Gijs Hollestelle wrote:

On Fri, 11 Mar 2005 23:07:16 -0800, Ofer Nave <onave shopzilla com> wrote:

Hello! I'm new to Fedora... just installed FC3. There are two
annoyances that I haven't found a way around, and I was hoping to get
help here.
2) I used to use SecureCRT to ssh into linux boxes for development, and
when I used man or less, the last screen would remain visible after
pressing 'q' to return to the prompt. Now that I'm using X, it
disappears when I quit. I've tried xterm, konsole, and gnome term - all
have the same behavior.

This is caused by ncurses that restores the screen after you quit
less, if you pass -X to less it doesn't do this. To make less use -X
automaticly put something like:

export LESS="-X"

Into your startup script (this will also work for manual pages as
these are displayed using less by default)


It works! Thanks.

Problem #2 solved. Anyone have any ideas for problem 1? (screen blanking)


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