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Re: Why is Fedora a multimedia disaster? - Here is why.

On 18/04/07, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Kubuntu 6.10 most certainly does install proprietary codecs upon
> demand, right inside Amarok.

That does not contradict what I said. I was only talking about software
included by default. Do you think that previous of Kubuntu or all
versions of OpenSUSE "scared" people?

[K]ubuntu had always had the goal of being simple for new users, a
goal that I understand is not on Fedora's priority agenda.

  Very slick, and it is a make-or-break
> deal for a lot of new users.   Compiz in Fedora is certainly true, but
> eye-candy is not a deal maker-or-breaker.

Sure it is for many people. Just visit some popular Linux related
websites and read the news or comments.

Doesn't seem so, but games certainly do.

> I entered the discussion not with the intention of telling you what to
> do, rather, to make you aware of the possibility of scaring people
> away with it. The inclusion of said CodecBuddy will likely change
> that.

A few mails back you explicitly said several times that you wanted us to
drop creating a Live image. I guess you changed your opinion. Now that
we are aware of your opinion that some users might get "scared" ,how
does a introduction of a Live CD change anything? Those very same people
might have tried non-live CD versions and had the same effect.

Yes, the inclusion of CodecBuddy will certainly help remove the
impression that Linux is only for CS majors, geeks, and those who wish
to learn a new profession in order to operate thier computer. I
repeat, I'm all for the advancement of Fedora, but I'm against blindly
jumping into things that may have a negative effect. It was important
to me to display a scenario where the LiveCD may actually hurt the
advancement of Fedora.

CodecBuddy is not yet included in FC7 so far as I can tell (the VM
image I downloaded was test1, but not much progress seems to have been
made on that front since). I'll download test3 and see if I can file
some bugs on it.

Dotan Cohen


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