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Re: low-hanging fruit

Jeremy Katz escribió:
On Wed, 2007-08-15 at 17:42 -0400, Christopher Aillon wrote:
dragoran wrote:
    - no lvm/raid in livecd installer

thats the only point where I disagree I don't see a reason  to do this.
what do we gain by doing this?
Ask not what we gain but what we lose: confused users, and one less screen in the install since most people just click right through it.

... except that unless they explicitly click on something, there isn't
any screen for them to click on and be confused by.  And hell, before
they get there, they have to have clicked to do a custom partition


Why not have a partition layout similar to "old RH 6.2-7.3" and be done with LVM on default. Just this time instead of three partitions have four default partitions, one for /home so it would be easier to wipe clean the system and upgrade distros without destroying personal data? Or better yet (for LVM lovers) do THAT with LVM enabled, if you will, or use LVM only for / and /home, but for goodness sake, HAVE a /home default mount point and to be another partition!

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