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Re: low-hanging fruit

On 8/16/07, David Zeuthen <davidz redhat com> wrote:

On Wed, 2007-08-15 at 17:52 -0400, Jeremy Katz wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-08-15 at 17:42 -0400, Christopher Aillon wrote:
> > dragoran wrote:
> > >     - no lvm/raid in livecd installer
> > >
> > > thats the only point where I disagree I don't see a reason  to do this.
> > > what do we gain by doing this?
> >
> > Ask not what we gain but what we lose: confused users, and one less
> > screen in the install since most people just click right through it.
> ... except that unless they explicitly click on something, there isn't
> any screen for them to click on and be confused by.  And hell, before
> they get there, they have to have clicked to do a custom partition
> layout.

... and the user goes "What's a custom partition layout?" and clicks the
button because he finds it "cool" and "interesting". Really,
partitioning needs to be as simple as this slider based thing

    | HOW MUCH FEDORA CAN YOU HANDLE?               |
    |                                               |
    | Disk: [Internal FUJITSU MHV2120B SATA Disk|V] |  <-- hide this
    |                                               |      combobox if
    |                        ^                      |      there is only
    |  + Fedora              |  Other OS's +        |      one disk
    |                        V                      |
    |                                               |
    |  [ ] Use entire disk for Fedora               |
    |                                               |
    |                               [Cancel] [Next] |

No questions about boot loaders (just always add all the other OS'es to
grub.conf). No mention of RAID or LVM (this doesn't mean we can't use
LVM for what we install to (though I'm always annoyed by this as a
developer); I just don't want to see the question asked in the UI).

but whats wrong with raid?  and as jeremy already said  dmraid?
"this is  a desktop install raid is not supported anymore" does not make sense to me .
what about only adding it when there is more than 1 disk or when a dmraid device is found?

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