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new user creation module in firstboot


I'm working on a new user creation module for the new and improved
firstboot. I created a little video to give people an idea of the UI


One open issue that I have is that I'd like to require that a user
account be created by greying out the 'next' button until the
information requested is complete and correct. 

If requiring a user account be created is not the best approach, what is
the best way to allow the user skip this step? An initial idea I had was
to grey out the 'next' button only when the user starts to enter
information. The problem with this approach is that it's not easy for a
user to cancel out of the account creation if they start the process but
decide halfway through that they don't want a user account anymore. Any
thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

I've also been looking into using cheese to allow users to take a
snapshot of their face with a webcam when they are creating their
account in firstboot. The stock_person button in the video posted above
would activate a dialog for this. I sent a message to cheese-list and
one of the developers suggested that a dbus interface might work for
this task. 

I created a mockup of what the interface for choosing a user image could
look like:


As you can see, there is a video preview from the webcam in the second
mockup. I don't know dbus well enough to comment on if it's appropriate
for this type of task. Does anybody know if dbus could work for this or
have any other ideas? I'm also looking for comments on the UI design of
the mockups.

Thanks, Ben

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