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Re: Status of compiz(-fusion) for KDE

On 9/26/07, Sebastian Vahl <ml deadbabylon de> wrote:
> What's the actual plan for the kde side of compiz? I was asked some
> time ago to replace beryl with compiz(-fusion) on the KDE-LiveCD. ATM
> compiz is lacking a configuration tool (former beryl-settings) and
> also maybe a switcher for kwin <-> compiz (Kevin Kofler is investigating
> these atm).

We now have a compiz-kde pacakge that has the kde-window-decorator and
the GNOME specific bits are split into compiz-gnome.  As for
configuration tools, I'm thinking that they can be packaged up as
separate RPMs and people can pick the tool they prefer.

> And there are also some (maybe dumb) questions:
> - Will compiz(-fusion) obsolete beryl in the future?

I'm not planning to make the compiz rpm obsolete the beryl rpm, but
upstream, the two projects have merged and I don't expect the fedora
beryl rpms to see much activitiy.

> - Is there a equivalent to beryl-manager that may be usuable for
> switching kwin<->compiz (like beryl-manager does for beryl)?

I don't know, there may be, if there is something usable out there we
can add it to the compiz-kde package or the appropriate parts of the
KDE packages.


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