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Re: gdm version in Fedora 9

William Jon McCann wrote:
Right.  We run a gnome-settings-daemon in the greeter so that we pick
up the system gconf defaults for background, icon theme, metacity
theme, gtk theme, etc.  So, whatever work you do to get the desktop
themes tweaked will be inherited by the GDM greeter.

So if will work also with animated backgrounds? That is cool.

One advantage of this is that the transition from greeter to a default
session is pretty smooth.  The background doesn't change, the
icons/colors/etc don't change, and the gnome-panel slides into view.

Yes, I like very much this idea.

If for some reason we want to customize the greeter we can still do
that.  One way is to do something similar to what we did for the
gnome-screensaver dialog.  We can modify the glade file and provide a

As GDM is a moving target for the moment, I think it make sense to stay with the default in F9 (it will be enough a novelty anyway and Fedora the only distro with the feature) and we can evaluate in future releases is we want/need to further customize the greeter.

One extra bit of theming/branding that I added upstream (not in
rawhide yet) is the ability to specify a logo icon name to use in
place of the computer monitor image on the greeter login dialog.  We
could add the the Fedora logo there for example.

We were de-branding the desktop graphics all over the place in F8 (to support customization) so maybe we would want to stay with the default, at least for F9.

What do you think?

Thank you, that was very informative. It seems we can just remove the gdm from the Art's ToDo for F9, this is fine, less work for us :p

I will forward the info to the Art list.

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