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Re: Nightly attempts of live image creation

On Tue, 2008-10-07 at 17:26 -0700, Jesse Keating wrote:
> I'm working on some scripting that will attempt to make the Live images
> each night, and show some output.  Here is a first stab at what and
> where one could find the output:
> http://alt.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/stage/development-live/Live/i686/
> I'm no good with html, so when it comes time to script this up, I'll be
> looking for some help to make this page a bit more useful, and also I'm
> looking for input on what you'd like to see on these pages.
> as an aside, we've got a snapshot due this Thursday/Friday and we're
> still oversize.  The durastic space saving changes (package removals)
> were only done on the beta branch because we were hoping to fix things
> with better deps/builds for later.  Please see the above for what kind
> of shape we're in.

Frustrating. Again a lot of low-percentage growth, but what is really
killing us is the new packages that keep getting pulled in:

new package OpenEXR-libs: 823896
new package libv4l: 170205
new package gegl: 2161070
new package sane-backends-libs: 6404932
new package gnome-games: 18683521
new package babl: 341948
new package sgml-common: 135667
new package python-setuptools: 988965
new package pygtkglext: 368259
new package hplip-libs: 312821
new package sane-backends: 4246863
new package net-snmp-libs: 4707665
new package WebKit-gtk: 12024292
new package ilmbase: 408114
new package freeglut: 428017
new package lzma: 207155
new package PackageKit-udev-helper: 113030
new package PyOpenGL: 5647635
new package libsane-hpaio: 77784
new package iwl5000-firmware: 352062
new package guile: 3473157
new package libggz: 348426
new package PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin: 123694
new package PackageKit-yum-plugin: 114822
new package gnome-session-xsession: 4701
new package gnome-python2-gnomeprint: 443188
new package plymouth-plugin-solar: 512770
new package SDL: 502851
new package libbeagle: 99087
new package evolution-perl: 7823
new package docbook-dtds: 4568267
new package gnuchess: 3959589
new package lohit-fonts-marathi: 97286
new package lm_sensors: 500370
new package gnome-doc-utils-stylesheets: 1090771
new package libicu: 17202512
new package lzma-libs: 92737
new package gtkglext-libs: 484178
new package libieee1284: 69512
new package ggz-client-libs: 614106
new package yelp: 3333760

I assume a good chunk of these is because we need to reinstate the removal of gnome-games and yelp, but there
some which are not explainable that way. E.g the new gimp now pulls in WebKit-gtk.

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