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Re: Voting considered harmful (Was: Re: Echo Icon Theme in F10?)

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Mon, 2008-10-13 at 19:01 +0000, Martin Sourada wrote:

Does it bring anything to the wider upstream community? I hope that in
the long run it will ease icon themes creation process for others as
well (e.g. with helping with replacing unthemable icons by themable
ones). Also I hope it will emerge into cross desktop icon theme used by
much wider audience than just Fedora users.

Wasn't that already tried with bluecurve (and failed)?

Nope, Bluecurve failed for exactly two reasons:
- it was not really Open Source: the license was Free but the file format not (Adobe Illustrator), impossible to open with any FOSS application; - it was a one-man project, without a community, written guidelines or source and when that one person left Red Hat, the project slowly died.

Apples versus oranges.

But a few years later, Tango tried (and I think still tries) to do the same thing as Bluecurve: a cross desktop icon theme (we can argue about its success and why).

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