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Re: Desktop team meetings?

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Is the desktop team meeting on a weekly basis like it used to?

Even better. We now have team meetings 5 days a week (Monday - Friday, with some exceptions for holidays) from 10am to midnight, US Eastern time. Like all meetings, sometimes we adjourn early, and sometimes we run late.

Given that Fedora desktop specific discussions do get taken and not much of it in this list, the benefit of having a designated time for meeting on irc and discussing plans is to allow people to participate more. Even if you do have to hang around on a IRC channel all day, you wouldn't be able to follow the discussions there 24/7.

Even if we do have a time, we are going to cut out a lot of people who are sleeping during the 1 hour period, or are at work and are unable to get on IRC. This was the case when we had our weekly meetings: we were always getting complaints from people who wished to participate but could not make our meeting times, no matter when we scheduled it. We feel the longer and more frequent meeting time allows more people to join in. Still, if there are people who are unable to make it to our meetings, we invite them to use our mailing list.

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