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Re: Echo Icon Theme in F10?

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> My understanding is that inkscape is using its own internal svg
> rendering codebase, which isn't exported as a library for other
> applications to make use of more directly.  

Inkscape uses Cairo AFAIK.

> So we end up doing
> reasonably good artist svg work in this fabulous svg oriented
> application..but when we go to render the svg's later via rsvg, we
> don't get the results we expect. I'm guessing the KDE svg-basic
> thingie has similar problems.

Are we actually using svg for the icons? I was under the
impression the artists are exporting them to PNG to various
sizes (under the standard icon themes in
/usr/share/gnome/icons follow) so that they match the pixel

Even if the SVG renderer is perfect and flawless, it will
never beat the artist hand-tweaking the artwork to render
within the pixel grid per icon size.


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