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Re: testable things in rawhide

Matthias Clasen wrote:
I felt I should highlight one of the almost complete F11 features that
have recently landed in rawhide and are waiting to be tried out...

Marek has pretty much completed his work on making system-config-printer
use PolicyKit to control access to privileged operations:


To see how the policies apply, just open system-config-printer and try
to make changes to your printer configuration.

To change or inspect cups-related policies, go to System ➔ Preferences ➔
Authorizations and navigate to the org.opensuse.cupspkhelper part of the
tree. (As the name indicates, this feature is a collaboration between us
and some OpenSUSE guys).

Please let us know if things work as expected (or if they don't...)


Could you please post this ( and any other test related subject ) to the test-list
and or cc the test list.

Best regards
                  Johann B.

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