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Re: Request for comments for Banshee transition feature proposal

On Tue, 2009-02-24 at 08:44 +0100, David Nielsen wrote:
> Per the request of Brian Pebble I am submitting the following feature
> proposal for the desktop SIG to comment on:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/BansheeAsDefaultMediaplayer
Well, I am not a member of the desktop SIG and as such I have no word in
the actual choosing (other than expressing my opinion), but I personally
don't think it is a good idea. First of all Rhythmbox was still Gnome
default audio player and Totem video player last time I checked, second
I am regular user of both and actually find them pretty usable *and*
efficient and third, but not last, banshee is pulling in mono stuff,
which is first a bit controversial (a really tiny bit, mostly caused by
the fact that C# was developed by a certain company that people in *nix
world don't usually have pleasant tea parties with) and second, most
importantly, for the Desktop Live Spin it's another ~30 MiB worth of

Also from what I read, it also joins the functionality of video and
audio players... Well, while there is some non-zero intersection of
those, I don't quite like having it both managed by one app. That's not
how gnome apps usually do it.

> Kind regards,
> David Nielsen

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