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Re: Request for comments for Banshee transition feature proposal

Den 25. feb. 2009 00.19 skrev Martin Sourada <martin sourada gmail com>:

Well, I am not a member of the desktop SIG and as such I have no word in
the actual choosing (other than expressing my opinion), but I personally
don't think it is a good idea. First of all Rhythmbox was still Gnome
default audio player and Totem video player last time I checked, second
I am regular user of both and actually find them pretty usable *and*
efficient and third, but not last, banshee is pulling in mono stuff,
which is first a bit controversial (a really tiny bit, mostly caused by
the fact that C# was developed by a certain company that people in *nix
world don't usually have pleasant tea parties with) and second, most
importantly, for the Desktop Live Spin it's another ~30 MiB worth of

Rhythmbox is not the default GNOME mediaplayer, GNOME only ships Totem.

Till such a time as Fedora deems Mono non-free, the fact that Mono and banshee is present means it lives up to the strict guidelines for freedom Fedora requires and should be able to be considered on equal footing. If we are second class citizens without any chance of ever being included please tell us officially, I am sure I and the other people working tirelessly to improve Mono would love to know if we are wasting our time, if that is the case it might save everyone a lot of headaches and wasted manhours of contributions that could be invested in non-Fedora venue which is interested in this work.

I am aware of the media size increase, it is noted as a con. I know there is space to be saved by getting the debug stripper fixed to understand mono as every package currently ships those included since this functionality still isn't present. i have also been able to shave a bit off cleaning out the dependency chain. I am also investigating other improvements to our mono stack which should give size decreases for the entire stack.
Also from what I read, it also joins the functionality of video and
audio players... Well, while there is some non-zero intersection of
those, I don't quite like having it both managed by one app. That's not
how gnome apps usually do it.

I have to admit I kinda like it, I was skeptical at first. Where it really starts to shine is for video podcasts, automatically downloaded (and with a bit of dbus magic even torrent payloads can be downloaded which is really powerful not to mention shiny). There is an increasing intersection of differing kinds of media in peoples collections, vodcasts, music videos, tv shows, movies, e.g. I believe it's valuable to interact with them through the same library and application.

- David Nielsen

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