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Re: Alpha checkpoint

Jeremy Katz wrote:
On Tuesday, January 27 2009, Nicu Buculei said:
Matthias Clasen wrote:
- CD size. Jeremy informed me that the recent flurry of font packaging
changes seem to have freed up a considerable amount of space on the
desktop spin, to the point where we might even consider shipping OOo
(sans langpacks, of course) instead of abiword. We should look at the
various options for filling the space we have.
If we have the space available, instead of one single application (well, OOo is not just a single application but...) we can include a few more smaller ones, like Inkscape and something else. Or some freely licensed multimedia content.

Inkscape, though not that large on its own, has a remarkably large dep
chain from what I remember

Large, but I believe not as large as OpenOffice.org.

However, if the size is a concern, I would like to see a little bit of multimedia, to showcase Fedora's capabilities.

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