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Re: Fedora desktop spin size issues, update


Is it really worth the effort to keep our flag spin on a CD? I really
don't think so. How about doing this

 o  Make our flag spin be even more useful by including apps like
    OpenOffice and other things we can't currently fit. We'd also
    include things like, say, the Bugs Bunny trailer and some of
    the http://truthhappens.redhat.com/ videos, so it's easy to
    showcase Theora and other _cool_ stuff. [0]

 o  Have a very minimal desktop live _CD_ for installs. Bandwidth-
    and/or DVD-constrained users can then use this and then install more
    stuff via PackageKit. This would also help the PackageKit "install
    software" story. Might also help save bandwidth altogether.

FWIW, I've often wanted the latter just for rescue/reinstall situations.
700MB for a simple rescue system is a bit much too sometimes [1].


[0] : We'd put stuff like that somewhere on the live media that isn't
the root file system (e.g. the bit that is in the ext4 image inside the
squash image inside the iso9660 image...). Now, since video is already
heavily compressed we'd simply put it in the iso9660 bit of the file
system so it's also available from the media without actually having to
boot the live system.

[1] : yes, using live media for rescue ops is often a lot more
convenient that the usual Fedora rescue story... But that's not really
the point of this message and not worth bickering over.

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