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Re: Desktop Live DVD: diff

On 11/05/2009 10:34 PM, David Zeuthen wrote:

Also, no-one says we _must_ include useless crap or even use all of the
space. And no-one says the space we're going to use is to be used for
software. I've advocated earlier that we should try and promote things
like Ogg Theora. For example, we could include


+ 1 million

I'm not sure I like the idea, if the idea is 'stop doing a small
functional live image and make our smallest 'complete-out-of-the-box'
image 2GB big'.

No one says the desktop image should be "our smallest
'complete-out-of-the-box' image". In fact, I think it would be a mistake
to say it should be.

How about a middle ground? Most of the people will just try and see what is about, they will not use write overlay, so we can target the image at 1 GB (999 MB), to cover their case. Advanced users, who will made use of the write overlay, will surely write the image on a 2GB or large drive, having the option to set the overlay as large as they want and the possibility to throw in other useful things, like a persistent home.

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