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Re: How to set policy for user on specific folder from drive

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> That's not under policykit's
remit, really. policykit can deal with

> policies regarding mounting drives, but not what you get to see on

> drive. That would appear to be exactly what good old file/folder

> permissions and/or ACLs are for? Why can't you do that?

Understood about file/folder permission but the mounting drive is a concern.
For a better clarification , say there are multiple users (3) in this scenario: user1, user2, and user3.
 user1 has bar1, user2 has bar2 and user3
has none. I set rules for policykit to mount for all but user3 under /media/foo. I created a symlink for all but user3
from /media/foo/barX on desktop (Gnome environment for example). /media/foo icon is displayed on desktop; is it possible to hide it?

Another question
User1 logs in and switched to another session for user2. Then user2 switch to another session for user3 who
cannot access to /media/foo as expected.
Will /media/foo be mounted for both user1 and user2 and bar1 folder not accessible for user1?

I just want to get familiar with this new policy having used to system->preferences->Authorization.

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