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example content


one change we are planning to make to the desktop spin in F13 is to go
from targeting a cd to targeting a 1g usb stick. That will give us
enough breathing room to include not only OpenOffice, but also some
example content on the spin. We've wanted to do that for a long time,
but the cd size restriction have prohibited that.

The example content is meant to serve several purposes:

- Be informative and/or pleasant 

- Allow users to try the included apps

- Showcase content that has been produced with open source apps

- Make the desktop spin more useful, e.g. to ambassadors

Examples that might fit some of these categories are:

- Suitably licensed music or movie trailers (big buck bunny has been
mentioned already)

- Spreadsheets or documents that contain interesting facts about Fedora
or open source

- the 1-page release notes pdf that was debuted for F12

The purpose of this mail is to solicit proposals for content that might
fit into these categories. Please send your proposals to
fedora-desktop-list or just reply. 



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