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Re: Making Fedora more user-friendly

On 11/24/2009 05:59 AM, Hristo Petkov wrote:
Hi Matthias,

I am not sure exactly what kind of a desktop I am using (under f11 - I have software from the five continents) and I noticed when working on the computer two inconveniences.

1. When copying some files. on the USB drive I cannot take away the USB card (for the copied files are usually damaged without issuing a bug report). I had to shut down the computer for everything to be O.K.
You need to right click on the drive and choose the "Safely Remove Drive" option before pulling it out.

2. When copying a disk by the DVD Gnome Backer (it is much faster than the one going with F11, burning directly on the DVD/CD) and after closing the program by the GUI, the program is not closed (issuing a bug report) but everything with the disk processing is usually O.K. (I apologise if this issue has to be addressed to somebody else).
I actually don't know what DVD Gnome Backer is, but if it's crashing on exit your best option is to report it to bugzilla at


So the maintainer can investigate.


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