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Re: A new notification theme

Matthias Clasen (mclasen redhat com) said: 
> Tomorrows rawhide will have a new notification theme for Gnome. 
> The aim of this new theme is to integrate well with the theming in the
> rest of the desktop (which wasn't really the case with nodoka bubbles
> and a clearlooks desktop).

So, looking at this now, it looks like it integrates well with
the gnome-shell sort of desktop/palette, but not the current 
gnome defaults. Or is it intended to be a full contrast with the
current colors?

I'm also concerned about the timing of this... I take it this wasn't
ready at feature freeze?

> In other bubble news, the amount of notifications that get emitted by
> NM, g-p-m and packagekit should be noticeably reduced, compared to F11. 

Hooray. Is someone planning to hit RB with a cluestick? (Or was this
already done, and I have stale plugin settings...)


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