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Re: Some recent changes

Martin Sourada (martin sourada gmail com) said: 
> No, you certainly cannot if you keep on announcing the changes precisely
> at the time they are made, doing those highly late in the release cycle
> without any apparent "polish plan" being put together ahead. If you want
> to polish desktop, first outline what you feel is wrong, unpolished,
> crappy and how do you want to change that *and* discuss it with (usually
> development) community. If you have usability studies, include them as
> well in the proposal. *Then* do the changes. That's the way how every
> other teams in Fedora are working -- why do you need to work
> differently? I don't really mind very much that you do these kind of
> things late in the release cycle -- they could hardly break anything --
> but they should be planned at the start of the release cycle *and*
> discussed with the community not just in your office. Fedora is done
> differently from Red Hat Linux.

I'm sorry, but this is getting completely ridiculous.

"That's the way how every other team in Fedora is working"?

Take for example the XFCE or LXDE sig. From a quick look over the wiki,
they have no separate mailing lists, no meetings, and I cannot find their
design discussions or announcements. Nor the kernel team; they do not have
long public meetings discussing kernel config options, or which kernel
versions are going where.


On October 1, you said:
"it would be nice if the code was included before [beta] and the intended
change was announced and discussed much before that (ideally before feature

Now, you want:
- first outline what you feel is wrong
- then a proposal (with studies!)
- all at the beginning of the cycle

So, if that's done, where will you move the goalposts to next? Does
the request need to be in triplicate?

Could this have come earlier, and been communicated better? Yeah, I
think so.

But I'm really struggling to see why the change from:

is really worth *this* much sturm und drang.


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