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Starting with gcc-4.1.2-25 and glibc-2.6.90-14 -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
protects not only C code, but also C++.  There have been several security
issues already which would have been unexploitable if this checking
was in place earlier.

All the mem*, str* etc. routines that were previously protected
in C will now do so in C++ as well, similarly *printf won't accept
%n if format string is in writable memory, open{,at}{,64} functions
are checked too (compile time detecteable O_CREAT with only 2
arguments (3 for openat{,64}) results in link time errors,
if it is unclear whether oflag arg has O_CREAT or not at compile time
and only 2 (resp. 3 for openat{,64}) args are provided, runtime
checking is done).

BTW, even for C open is no longer a function-like macro, while
it is desirable to fix packages that don't allow open to be
defined as function-like macro, it will no longer be a necessity
for F8 to change this.

If you see any bugs on the toolchain side (rather than newly
discovered package bugs), please let us know in bugzilla ASAP.



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