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Feature Process Improvements

I was recently talking with Paul Frields about how to make the feature process more accessible... this combined with feedback in the rpm thread have led to a (hopefully) clearer presentation of how the feature process works.

Paul did a great job reorganizing the content on the main page. None of the content has changed, but the presentation is a lot simpler and less overwhelming.

I still need to add definitions and guidance for what belongs in each section of the form.

We are proposing new category names to make it more self-evident which state a feature page is in. Unless there are objections I plan to run this past FESCo for a sanity check this coming Thursday and start using them thereafter--including converting the category names for existing pages.

The new category names would look like this:

Category:FeaturePageIncomplete (was ProposedFeature)--every feature starts in this category and returns to this category if it is reviewed or voted on and needs more work.

Category:FeatureReadyForWrangler (was ProposedF10)--feature owner signals that their feature page is complete and requests that FESco review and accept it for the release under development

Category:FeatureReadyForFesco (was ProposedF10)--Feature wrangler changes features to this category when they are ready for FESCo vote

Category:FeatureAcceptedF10 (unchanged)--voted on and accepted by fesco

A draft updated illustration is here:
Source: http://poelstra.fedorapeople.org/misc/feature-process-flow-v3.2.odg

Thanks also to Paul for his ideas and help on the illustration!


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