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Fedora 9 Feature Freeze

Hello Fedora 9 Feature Owners,

Beta Freeze has hit and so has Feature Freeze.  What this means for
Fedora 9 is as follows:

o No new features can be proposed for Fedora 9, but they are most
welcome for Fedora 10
o All features that are not 100% need to be substantially complete and
in a testable state for the Fedora 9 Beta--scheduled for release

If you have a feature listed here
please update your feature page with:
a) latest and greatest feature details including what remains to be
completed if you are not at 100% completion
b) % of completion
c) last updated date

Please complete this in advance of the FESCo meeting this coming
Thursday (2008-03-13). At this meeting all incomplete feature pages will
be reviewed to determine if they should remain part of Fedora 9 or
deferred to a future release.  Please help make this review easy by
updating your feature page.

If you know your feature is not ready for Fedora 9, please change the
category of the page to CategoryProposedFeature and I will take this as
signal that you are withdrawing your feature for Fedora 9.  Naturally
your wiki page can remain and be used for a future release.

Thanks for your help!
The Feature Wrangler

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