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fedoracommunity-0.3.4 bugfix release

I just pushed a new version of the Fedora Community portal into production.


Changes in this release include:

    - The Rawhide and Build Owner widget is no longer broken (#289)
    - The package download release filter is no longer broken (#264)
    - Huge optimizations in the Bugzilla Connector
    - Fixed a pagination bug in the Recent Bugs widget (#291)
    - Brought the pkgdb connector up to speed with recent API changes
    - Fixed a bug in the watchers/owners grids (#298)
    - Fixed the broken maintainers grids (#290)
    - Fixed a couple of timezone-related clock problems (#260, #287)
    - Properly weigh search results (#292)
    - Fixed some broken links in the tour
    - Various other minor UI tweaks

Also, today we had a great brainstorming session around future Fedora Community
apps.  You find find the IRC logs and gobby notes here:


As always, you can file bugs and feature requests here:


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