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Upcoming multi-day outage

Starting on December 12th The Fedora Project will start to move several
servers, disk trays and related hardware from our current hosting location
to another.  This move is planned to be completed on December 15th and
will ultimately provide better hosting facilities and room for growth.

Since the servers will physically be loaded onto a truck and moved, this
means lots of services people rely on will be down.  We'll be working hard
and using whatever tricks we have at our disposal to keep things as normal
as possible, for example http://mirrors.fedoraproject.org/ will remain up
(which includes the mechanism yum uses to get its mirror list).

Some critical services like the buildsystem will be completely unavailable
for 48 hours or longer.  I'll be sending another update out as the day
gets closer to remind everyone.  Also this is the official ticket we're
tracking with for those who care to watch it:


Please do stop by #fedora-admin on irc.freenode.net or comment in the
ticket with any questions or concerns you have.


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