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Re: [fedora-java] Re: Java API doc (javadoc) from GCJ/classpath?

On Thu, 2005-07-07 at 17:05 -0500, Ian Pilcher wrote:
> I'm playing with the GCC SPEC file, working on adding a libgcj-doc
> subpackage.  


> Can you provide some more detail on the statement above
> (i.e. where are the package descriptions found, and how would I "import"
> them)?

You'll want to look for the GNU Classpath project CVS sources.

I believe each java source directory contains a package.html file which
is incorporated into the HTML docs generated by gjdoc.  Our libjava tree
in GCC is missing these files.


I believe tromey has a plan to merge these into the FSF GCC HEAD tree
for future GCC releases (4.1, etc), but this is something we can't
really apply to the FSF 4.0 branch we're using in FC4.

I believe the 4.0 branch is frozen right now, so I don't know what the
best thing to do is.  Either we merge those files into the FSF 4.0
branch and hope that Jakub picks it up in his FC4 gcc respin, or we a
patch to add the files and bundle that in the GCC RPM.

Maybe somebody who knows more about the FC GCC plan can suggest an


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