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Re: [fedora-java] Eclipse Automated Tests


I took care of these two:

> # . why does the HTML translation not really work?
> # . do "/usr/share" -> "%{_datadir}" sed --in-place for the scripts and
> #   patched xml files in the specfile

Still to do:

> # . make runtests-wrapper better (a python script?)
> # . verify changes made to allow running as non-root
> # . why does having eclipse-tests installed make every startup of eclipse
> #   run in some sort of testing mode?
> # . why is there a "- option not found" error?
> # . are the dependencies all correct?

New SRPM and specfile here:


So other than robustness, we're pretty good to go with getting reliable
results.  I'm doing a full run (this takes hours) here to verify that the
XML -> HTML works alright in an automated run.

> RESULT_HOME=<whereyouwanttheresults> \
> /usr/share/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.test/runtests-wrapper

Note that you should probably uninstall the tests RPM if you want to use
Eclipse regularly.


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