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Re: [fedora-java] gcjwebplugin has landed in Rawhide

>>>>> "Tom" == Thomas Fitzsimmons <fitzsim redhat com> writes:

Tom> gcc-4.1.1-12, which contains libgcjwebplugin.so, went into
Tom> Rawhide last night along with java-1.4.2-gcj-compat-plugin which
Tom> installs an alternatives-managed "libjavaplugin.so" symlink in
Tom> /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins.

Congratulations!  I know that a bunch of folks worked very hard to
make this happen.

Tom> My post-test2 plan for gcjwebplugin is to gage the reaction of
Tom> Rawhide users,

FWIW -- I've been using Anthony's earlier jamvm-based plugin on my
laptop.  I use it almost daily (always with the same applet :-), it
has been quite nice.

Tom> and also to do another GUI backport from GNU Classpath HEAD to
Tom> Fedora's libgcj, to fix the AWT and Swing regressions.

I wanted to follow up the earlier conversation about FC6 gcj -- the
ecj work really was not ready on time, we missed it.  It was all we
could do to get this big backport in place.  That is pretty
disappointing... but FC7 will have an enormous upgrade.


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