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Re: [fedora-java] Re: Did the Eclipse update in updates-testing break for anyone else?

[ NB: I actually intended to send this to the list. Sorry to Andrew
Overholt who's going to get it twice ... ]

On 19/11/06, Andrew Overholt <overholt redhat com> wrote:
It's because we moved the platform-specific stuff to /usr/lib (or
/usr/lib64).  There's no way around the .eclipse breakage.

I know Ben was going to put some information about it in the update text
and we were going to send some email to make sure people were aware.  Sorry
you had to hit it before we sent out the info.

Oh, ick. :( Does this mean that everyone is going to have to recreate
their Eclipse customisations, self-installed plugins, etc? Or is there
some less-intrusive way of fixing up the configuration than moving
.eclipse totally out of the way (e.g., editing a single file under
.eclipse or something)?

Glad to hear it's a known issue at least, though.


Mary Ellen Foster

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